About Betsy

Hi!  I’m Betsy. I'm a re-inspired former corporate executive who decided to make a life that I don't need a vacation from.  I have a passion for home and interior design and I love, love, love playing with color – bold, subtle, unique combinations. I have always used my creativity in my own home and been the “consultant” to my friends.  

I also have a passion for re-using found goods. My Mom was the original recycler and I am following in her footsteps in a new way. Yes. I brake for garage sales and am energized by the possibilities to create from all that stuff!

Check out all the cool stuff on my site and listen in via my Blog while I share my adventures in starting a new artistic enterprise in the on-line, social media, sound bite communication age.  Boy, have I got a lot to learn!  I will share my insights and "how to" for finding, designing and creating intriguing home decor from found goods.