Let’s talk about the color that you surround yourself with. How it impacts your environment and where you find your happy place. Color really can make your home just a bit happier place to come home to!


I have some color combos and preferences that endure over time and I bet you do to. I love greens and blues together. I also like intense color and purple or plum. In its previous incarnation, my dining room was painted deep plum. All 4 walls. Dramatic and impressive (until the day I had to use 3 coats of paint to cover it!).

Below you can see how the blues and greens play out in my bedroom – cool blue beachy tones with plenty of white and green accents. Green accents have varied from curtains, to bedding, to rugs at various times.

And here's how that same color combination works in my dining room – intense teal walls, warm woodwork and bright green accents.

Now look at this collection of my work at the top of this blog. Hmmm….funny how that same color preference comes up here too! I make what makes me smile. And blue and green do it for me.


What color combos show up in your home? What do you gravitate towards when you are out shopping for furniture? Are there some color palettes and themes in your Pintrest Pins? If there aren’t, spend a little time collecting pictures of rooms you like. You may quickly see a palette of your favorites emerge.



Blue & green is far from the only color palette in my world. In fact, I can see myself moving toward a little more serene, less intense colors these days. It’s OK and even desirable to let your color palettes evolve over time. You’ve earned the right to change your mind, right?!

In fact, what I find is that I both evolve and yet maintain some of my original color pulls. Here is my recently redecorated Sun Room.

I’m moving toward a more neutral soothing palette – grey/greige (the hot new combination of grey and beige) with a cool pale yellow. BUT, there is one of my old favorites, Plum, showing up in the accent color. Truth be told, I really designed the whole room around that fabulous side table (made to order in Plum just for me) from @DustFurniture.


There are some great places and ways to experiment with color in your home. The first and easiest is to work with neutral colors for your main furniture, rugs and window coverings. From there, you can add in accent pieces: pillows, throws, vases and small tables to change up the color. Easy peasy to change out with the seasons or your mood!

Another great place to play with color is in a bathroom. Relatively inexpensive to paint and if you choose a more private family bathroom, no one even has to know!! See a color combo on paper and don’t know how it will translate into a whole room? Why not try it in your bathroom?

The color palette for this small powder room was inspired by a vignette at Pottery Barn a couple of years ago. What was more orange in their original color combination ended up more red as I tested colors in the room. (I love those little tester paint!). I won’t put this color in other rooms and probably won’t ever use it again, but I like it in this small dose!



So where do you go to get inspired? Color combinations are all around you every day. Tune in to the spaces that you like and the colors that bring them together.

Pintrest is great place to get inspired.

Feel free to jump onto my “Color Crazy” Pintrest board to see my collection of color ideas. Or type a couple colors into the search bar and see what comes up.

Design Seeds is a great place to find unique color combinations. You can start with your favorite color and get some ideas for tones and accents. So much pretty in one place!

Since not all color combinations work well in home décor, you will want to visualize the palette you are considering in a room. You might find some room views on Pintrest or try the Benjamin Moore Color Visualizer

Fear not! Get out there and find the colors and palettes that will make your home a place that inspires you to be your best, happiest self!

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