One Woman's Basement

This is a story of a treasure from trash.

Sometimes you have to look really hard – and with rose colored glasses, no less! – to see the possibilities in the basement.

A little background:

One of my Mom’s childhood friends was getting ready to downsize. She is 80-something and finally had the opportunity to move back to the city from the house that had been in her family for over 60 years.

The good news? Some of the stuff in her house had been hanging around for that long!

The better news? She invited me in!

Boy, was she surprised at what I hauled out of there! Yes, I found some interesting furniture. But it was her kitchen and especially her BASEMENT that really captured my imagination.

The foray into the basement was worth it if just for the 3 vintage wood yardsticks that allowed me to complete this piece.


But there was more……..

Much of what I captured from the basement was destined for the dumpster. These crates were going nowhere good. Look where they ended up!

A little washing, sanding, painting, paper, and wood work got me to this cheery side table.


These wood boxes had been storing tools (and a few spiders!) in the basement.

I created an over-sized shadow box from them that sold its first time out! Only seem to have a partial pic of that.

And look at what can be done with an old globe! Two For One: Serving Bowl & Hanging Light!

Around The World Global Village

All in all a successful adventure! Check out some of the other treasures yet to become. I'm going to have to give some good love to the massive steamer trunk that was her wedding gift to her husband!!

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