50s Box Radio: Whatcha Got In There?

This Radio has nagging at my mind ever since I wheeled it into my garage a few months back.

I immediately knew it would make a great bar! But it also has some great “inards” that intrigue me.

Look at those glass tubes! Awesome, right? (don’t mind the layer of old, old dust)

I decided to tackle the radio on a day when I had time and patience (sometimes a rare commodity for me!). I started by taking out the “inards.” All I really need for this project is wire cutters and my handy electric screwdriver. So simple!

First and easiest to come out is the speaker. A few wire snips took out the tuning wire and a few screws detached the speaker from the cabinet. Love that shape!

Next I want to get to the metal box that holds all the cool working parts.....including these shiny glass tubes! So pretty! Again, loosening a few screws from underneath and snipping a few wires is all that’s needed.

Cool Discovery. Take a look! Someone long ago hand labelled the slots for individual wires with the radio station call letters. I love the reminder that this was long ago part of someone's daily life!

As I pull this out of the back, I hear things popping and dropping and rolling away. Had to chase down the knobs that were coming off the front and rolling away! Whoops.

Now I have an open cabinet with holes where the face of the radio had been.

But before I deal with that, everything needs a good cleaning.

Lots of old grime worked into the crevices.

Inspiration. I am oddly inspired by how this looks cleaned up. Those glass tubes really shine! OK. I admit it. I am obsessed with the shiny parts. And I’m still puzzling what I will do with this whole thing. It just has to have some fascinating end point!

I'll need this to restore the radio front

Knobs. I need the smaller knobs which are still attached to the mechanical box. This is one of those times when I took the long road to a simple solution. I cut wires and loosened nuts buried in the box in order to pull out the piece that held the knobs. Only to realize that I didn't need to remove it to get the knobs. They just pull right off!

Bonus. The good news is that I ended up with this really intriguing thing-a-ma-bob. I’m thinking steampunk ring holder. Let’s see how that works out!

The Bar. I need to figure out the path to a making a bar from the cabinet. I really wanted to make those curved slats into a door. But, alas, the construction of the piece wouldn’t allow it. So the bar with have an open front.

Out come the slats! And still no sawing needed. They are held in with screws at the top

And then pegged into the bottom. Now I have these lovely slats to use in another way also!

5 For One. In the end I have 5 different components to use in making new things.

1. Cabinet = Bar

2. Speaker = Serving Platter

3. "Fingers” = Steampunk Ring Holder

4. Radio Mechanical Box = Steampunk Dresser Caddy

5. Slates = hmmm...tbd

Score! I’m happy and inspired on a beautiful Fall day!

#50s #VintageReDesigned #Deconstruction #VintageRadio #Bar

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